“life qualified me.” -kierram



[Serial Entrepreneur]

Radio Host, Brand Influencer, Digital Content Curator, Voice Over Actress, Author, Speaker, and Shoe Enthusiast all describe what I do [the companies I run], but they are not WHO I AM.

Who I am is:

  • A lover of the most high God

  • A mother

  • A future wife

  • A mentor

  • A family member

  • A woman who walks so confidently in her purpose that she’s willing to give away life experiences for FREE with hopes of saving someone else.

Who I’m NOT [anymore] is a fraud!

I was the girl that hid behind her media persona for fear of not being liked, accepted, judged, and/or successful. Only I was that same girl who’d be in a room full of people yet feel so alone! Therefore I labeled myself an ‘introvert’ just to give my silent behavior a reason!

I wasn’t, nor have I ever been an introvert! My presence is large, my mouth so loud, my energy so contagious that people [who know me] yearn to be in my presence. Yet I was concealing it! I was ashamed! I didn’t want to be labeled! So I was okay with being a FRAUD if that meant my brand having a clean face!


This fraudulent behavior began to cause conflict in me being a mother, in my relationships, in me! I was holding myself up to a standard that I envisioned, but wasn’t who I am.

Until one day, it was all snatched away and I found myself lying on my closet floor curled up in the fetal position praying to God for the pain to go away!

Pretend me was going to be the death of who God created me to be! So I had to put death to her, before she forced death on me.

So from this point forth expect REAL, RAW, and most importantly TRUTH.

Award recognition

  • 2019 Leading Lady Award [LITI]

  • 2019 [Charge Up Campaign] Leadership In Empowering Survivors Award