Knowing When It's Time To Let Go! [Goodbye]


For anyone who knows me, you already know my story!

On October 20, 2014 I dove into a field without any knowledge on how it runs, and I did so strictly based off of faith, my desire for a change, and Necole Kane’s inspiration.

Now 4 years later, I feel like God is pushing me yet again to JUMP into unchartered waters.

For the past 4 months I’ve been going back and forth with my team about what to do with “”…. the sight that started it all for me! Prior to working for DTLR Radio, DASH Radio, etc…. I was covering red carpets, attending events, conducting celebrity interviews on behalf my of own brand. So as you can imagine, saying goodbye is a bit painful……

I’m writing this post as I would do a journal entry because I want you guys to understand how REAL the law of attraction and God is…. when it comes to my life.

For months I’ve been manifesting nothing but positivity, prosperity, and growth over my life [even during the most difficult times], which wasn’t always easy.

And as you all probably can imagine, a lot has changed in 4 years! My image has changed, my platforms have changed, and I’ve now realized that the message I want to convey to the world has also changed.

See…. I once found joy in reporting on the lives of others. It was similar to a “drug” for me when it came to reading other blogs and entertainment sites focused on the lives of the rich and famous. And realistically, this is how I got my start.

I, like many other sites, became a “go-to” source for publicist/managers.

Now 4 years later…. I’d still like to be a source, but for a different purpose. One involving less drama/gossip and more inspiration/motivation.

So for months I’ve PRAYED!

Dear God,

Please help me to make the right decision regarding my brand and the next level in which you are taking me. Father, collectively we’ve worked so hard to make this thing work. God people only know me as a result of this brand, so to get rid of it……. I’m confused.

God I know I shouldn’t question you so I won’t….. I’m just going to JUMP, having the faith that you are going to see me through this next level like you did the time before, and before that…..

God I pray that you remove those around me displaying any form of negativity, and surround me with those who can help me to grow in the direction you’ve chosen for me.

More importantly God…. I pray that through it all, I keep you on the throne of my heart and life. That our spiritual connection grows even stronger and deeper through it all.


Your Daughter.

Can I be completely honest with you guys?!

I heard NOTHING!


Do you know how frustrating that can be…… to know that it’s time for a new level in your life….. to feel that it’s time to let go….. to be unsure….. to call on God, but receive no confirmation!

It’s scary as hell.

“Do I do it? Or should I keep it?….. God where are you?”

So I kept praying, and started thanking him in advance for the next level, for the new relationships, for the BIGGER business opportunities, for success, for prosperity, for abundance, for growth, for spirituality.

There’s a reason God placed this vision in me……

And guys listen….. when God doesn’t speak directly to you, sometimes he’ll speak through other people.

Prime example, the day after Christmas [with so much uncertainty in my heart about the new year and my brand, God spoke through a good friend of mine. DJ Scottie B [who taught me everything there is to know about entertainment and radio]. He sent me a random text saying:

Sis- you’ve been jumping for a while now…. if anyone is an expert at it, it’s you. No need now to be afraid to do it, you’re still here. You’re past that point! That should tell you something right there….JUMP! No BS, you are one of the best people I know and God’s not allowing people like you to fail. Most of all, people like you don’t allow themselves to fail. [In my DJ Scotti B voice] GO GET THEM!!!!!!

This to me was the confirmation I’d been waiting on……

It’s Time!

Side-note: To this very moment…. DJ Scottie B doesn’t know about me giving the site up or the next level… Which was a definite sign that it was from God.

So I’ve said all of that to say, that as of December 31, 2018….. will cease to exist.

I thank all of my loyal followers and supporters of the brand, but it’s time for greater heights, elevation, and for the world to really experience everything that is KIERRAM.

So Goodbye.