Why Are We "Ghosting" As Opposed To "Communicating"....

Hypothetical Scenario:

There's something about a man in a suit. It just screams, "I'm about my business and don't have the energy nor time for stragglers. So if you're ready to be treated like a REAL woman, then come my way."

Or, maybe that's just me!

Either way, while attending a networking event in midtown Atlanta I saw Mr. Giorgio Armani from across the room. [Not Literally] His fake smile told me that he was disinterested in the event and needed to be cheered up.... so I rose to the occasion!

Within minutes we were both laughing so hard that our stomachs were beginning to ache. Nonetheless, there was an obvious connection worth exploring so we exchanged numbers and promised to meet up for our first official date at the upcoming music festival.

Not a day went by that we didn't text! All day, all night! It was never ending. 

Long story short.....

We're at the festival and this guy is a ball of nerves! You would think that we were meeting for the first time. And not only was he a ball of nerves, but he was also extremely clumsy. I tried to chuck it up to nerves, until he spilled his soda on my dress. 

"Like dude, forreal."

Suddenly, like speedy gonzalez:

I had a need for speed!

I was ready to speed my butt out of there!

When the date was over he texted and talked about how he had the best time of his life and how he couldn't wait to meet up again; meanwhile I was still trying to decide if I wanted to text him back.

"I didn't"

Instead, I blocked his number and deleted him as my friend on social media! He's probably stalking me from a fake page trying to figure out what happened.

As crazy as this story sounds, it's all TRUTH!

I've seen so many people "ghost" because it's an easier way to end a situation or relationship. But what happened to calling, texting, or even "letters."

I was famous for writing a 3 page letter to express my feelings if I couldn't get through any other way. So much so, that my ex was tired of the letters! I think he stopped reading them.....

Nonetheless, why not communicate how you feel? What's the worst that can happen? 

If you want one of the following:

  • A stalker

  • A social basher

  • A bitter-battle

Then keep ghosting, because that's what will come of things!

Otherwise, [millennials] the same energy we use in the boardrooms articulating our entrepreneurial ideas should be extended to dating as well.


Kierra M