Host + Speaker



$150/hour —  

Things to know:

All hostings have to align with the overall brand of KierraM for confirmation!

Normal Hostings Include:

  • Private Album Listening Parties

  • Women’s Empowerment Events/Brunches/Parties, etc.

  • Self Care Conferences/Events

  • Inspirational Conferences/Events

  • Music Conferences

  • Red Carpets [Movie Screenings/Award Shows]

  • Spiritual Leadership Conferences/Events

  • Youth/Teen Conferences/Events

Recent Hostings Include:

  • LITI [2019] “Ladies In The Industry” Conference Host + Panel Moderator

  • MGOT [2019] “Media Girls On Tour” Panel Moderator

  • [2019] Charge Up Campaign Event Host

  • Lelee Lyons [SWV] Book Signing Host

  • Nivea “Mirrors” Private Album Listening Party Host

  • “Maneuvering Through The Entertainment Industry To Find Your Calling” Event Host

  • [2019] Journee’s Unlimited Youth Leadership Gala [Speaker]

Charitable Engagements

negotiable — depending on what’s expected and invested time/marketing/etc.

Speaking engagements

Personal: $350-$1,000/flat rate [negotiable] — 

The rate depends on details surrounding the event.

Speaking topics Include:

“Hi, I’m A Fraud!”

— The first step in ANY process is understanding where you are and how you got there! Social media + the pressures of life cause people to lead an image/character traits, etc… who are not a direct reflection of their true selves. Life has a way of knocking you to your knees and Kierra M was not exempt!

“I AM Not My…..”

—My hair, societies definition of what beauty looks like, my mother, my sister, my colleague, skinny, dark skinned, light skinned, etc….. But I AM enough for the life God promised me! It all starts with the foundation…. This “mantra” inspired speech will give you the right words to say in order to speak power over your life.

Youth speaking topics include:

“You ARE the cool club”

—- This speech focuses on the power of SELF WORTH and embracing who you are, even if that means creating your own club!

“I Wasn’t Suppose To Be Here!”

——- This speech is intended for the high-school/college students!

Life isn’t always what it seems! Kierra takes them on a journey through her past mistakes, failures, downfalls, etc….. yet revealing the triumph of holding on and wanting better for yourself, even when you don’t understand what that entails.