The "UNFILTERED" Truth About Guys Views On FILTERS....


I was reading a recent article where there following question was posed?

How do you guys feel about girls who use snapchat filters in their selfies?

Almost immediately I dove into the article to check out responses, especially since I am the QUEEN of filters. So much so that my professional photographer hates it! If he takes a picture and I put a filter on it, he’ll ask me NOT to tag him in the photo on social media because he doesn’t like how the filter dilute the picture.

My response, “Dude it’s NEVER that serious.”

Anywho….. Check out what some other people had to say below:

“A lot of snapchat filters make people look “cute” by enlarging their eyes and rounding their faces.”

“I personally hate it because it is deceiving. You see one thing on social media, but they are totally different in person.”

“Generally I hate it. It almost creates a classic extraterrestrial shape to the face that just isn’t my kink.”

“If it’s on any kind of dating or meeting app/site/network I will pass over immediately if there’s more of those than there is of selfies that show what the actually look like.”

“It’s pretty obnoxious. Most who bother with filters, at least in my experience can’t be separated from their phone and/or are really basic, follow the trend types of people. So I’ve learned to stay [mostly] away.”

So as you can see, pretty standard responses! Most people hate filters because they create an illusion thats’s unrealistic.

After posting this picture recently I was asked, “Kierra why do you use filters, you’re naturally beautiful.”

I was completely honest with them as I will be with you guys…..

I use filters because of personal insecurities that I along with most of the world deal with. Everyone is insecure about something, and most of the time your insecurity isn’t even noticeable to the next person until you say something.

I love ONE filter in particular on snapchat because it slims my face and depending on the lighting…. it has the ability to erase every scar and blemish. And in an industry where you’re judged based off of EVERYTHING, you want to always look your best.

Do I believe that I’m a ugly human being? Hell No.

But I do believe that I have to change a few unhealthy habits in order to achieve the things that will make me feel 100% beautiful, and that’s the RAW truth.