When Thoughts Become REAL-ity......


In Monday’s post I gave HUGE thanks to Pastor Michael Todd for teaching me the difference between ‘vision’ and ‘sight’.

Remember I said that ‘sight’ is everything that you see while your eyes are open, and ‘vision’ is all that you see in detail with your eyes closed.

Which do you think is more powerful?!

Hopefully you all said “VISION.”

Well a few months ago God gave me this vision of elevation for my brand, one that I never thought would spark my interest. And everything was so clear…. the only thing that wasn’t clear was the path toward this God-driven thing.

[Disclaimer: I always like to forewarn readers/fans that I am a firm believer in God and will praise him until the end of time BOLDLY in all that I do, so if you’re not….. then you may want to leave this page because this content isn’t for you.]

If you’re still here then that means that you LUH God too!!!!!!!

So back to this vision……

I could see it so vividly but didn’t know how to achieve it. So during a recent Michael Todd sermon he stated that,

All God wants you to do is plant the seed. Once he sees that you have planted the see then he’ll reveal the plan to you piece by piece.

Subconsciously I began using the resources that I had to begin the plan to achieving my vision. Little did know, God viewed that as me planting the initial seed and I was on my way to the part one of the BIG REVEAL.

Literally two days after I began my plan I get an email from one of the world’s TOP film marketing agencies regarding an interview with NBC’s Senior Vice President of Talent Development & Diversity, Mrs. Karen Horne.

At the time I knew vaguely who she was, but not in totality!

During my research, I found out that Mrs. Horne was responsible for various networks talent development programs and even sold a show to HBO which garnered her millions AND 3 emmy’s.

How amazing right?

When I sat down at this round table with Mrs. Horne and three other outlets reps. [whom I’ve never met] it was so AMAZING!

The flow of the conversation was phenomenal, and our 30 minute chat went over to an allowed 45-50 minutes.

She answered EVERY question that I had about my vision without even knowing!!!

As we were sitting in the lobby, one of the journalist asked:

What brings her to town?

The rep. replied:

She’s just in town visiting and on a little work, so her team wanted her to do some press while here.

Many would just say, “Okay, that’s cool.” But not me…….

I looked up to the ceiling and silently thanked God for working in mysterious ways. Mrs. Horne wasn’t here on accident. God sent her to answer the questions that I’d been talking to him about with my eyes closed.

Mrs. Horne was confirmation that I’m on the right road doing the right thing!

And it was also confirmation that I need to lean on God because that’s where all of my help comes from!

God is really making this “thought/vision” a REAL-ity and by this time next year I’m claiming another level of success and GREATNESS.