Don't Start That "New Year, New Me" Bullcrap!!!! PUH-lease


You guys are literally putting me to SLEEP [figuratively and literally] with this “New year, New me” bullcrap!

Every year this “tough talk” begins right before Thanksgiving as people are planning and preparing for the coming months. Only, what I’ve noticed and experienced myself is that the momentum last for the first 2 months of the year!

By March [spring] those resolutions/goals have been thrown away for most!

It’s annoying to say the least!

But you guys know that I’m the queen of not focusing on the problem, rather figuring out a solution…. so I’ve come up with the TOP 3 ways to not get caught up in the hype of a new year.

#1 Make Quarterly Goals As Opposed To Only Yearly Ones!

Your goals [business/personal] become overwhelming when you only make “yearly” ones with no smaller achievable steps!

This was one of the biggest lessons I learned a few years ago.

I remembered when I said I wanted to accomplish the following goals one year:

+Get Organized

+Launch A Blog Site

+Balance Personal & Business

All of which are attainable “yearly goals”, but with no plan in place only the goal…. I was overwhelmed!

Feelings of defeat began to quickly kick in and I lost all hope in achieving any of the goals I set in place!

Had I made quarterly goals for each yearly goal, things would have been better. I would have been able to DIGEST the plan in a more sensible way!

Examples of a quarterly goal would be:

Quarter 1: Goal “De-Clutter The Space” [Overall Goal: Get Organized]

-Clean out room

-Throw away old mail


Quarter 2: Goal “De-Clutter The Mind”

-Read more positive books of affirmations

-Watch weekly motivational sermons and vlogs

-Treat yourself to a daily “30 minute FREE” session

I’m pretty sure that you guys understand where I’m going with this!

When things are compartmentalized, life seems easier.

#2 Create REAListic Expectations For Yourself

A lot of us get really caught up with this one!

We create the goal… yet realistically, we have no sure way of achieving it!



“I’d like to make $100,000 this year!”

But you have NO JOB and no perspectives, OR you have a job but if you try to save at least $8,333 per month you won’t be able to pay any other bill.

Be realistic with your goals.

If you don’t, its a sure way to disappoint yourself…. or create the feeling of defeat!

#3 Choose NOT To Give Up!

In 2017 I vowed that I would take risk in areas that I would never have done before [no matter the backlash, lack of support, or defeat].

Did I do it? Yes.

Was it easy? HELL NO.

There were nights when I cried like a baby understanding that the only person I had to lean on was God! But I also knew that without risks there would be NO REWARD.

You never know what you can accomplish if you aren’t willing to do things that scare others, choosing not to look back!