Hold Your Testimony Until After The Test!


I was once the person who couldn’t wait to share my testimonies with the world in hopes of saving another soul…..

But what I quickly learned is that your testimony is no good until you’ve passed the test!

How can anyone learn from a storm that you’re still enduring?

For those who are saying,

Kierra, what are you talking about?

It’s simple.

How can I teach you about co-parenting when I haven’t mastered the skill? How I can talk about domination in finances when it’s still a weakness? Who am I to talk about dating when I’m entering into unforeseen territory?

I understand sharing the journey, because I do that with you guys all the time. But it really “grinds my gears” when someone looks down upon another individual or attempt to give concrete advice when they haven’t mastered it themselves.

Mastering….. meaning you’ve gone through the test [for however long] and you’ve come out with lessons and growth that you can now share with the world.

Believe me, people will appreciate your story and journey much more when they realized that you’ve weathered the storm!

It’ll also gives them the extra ammunition needed to push through whatever they may be enduring!

Another reason why I encourage mentees, etc… to “hold their testimonies” until after the test, is to save them from the wickedness of the world!

Being in the entertainment industry for 4 years has taught me that people love to prey on your weaknesses and shortcomings!

They wait until your winning in some capacity AND THEN BOOM….. that’s when the “I remember when…..” stories start to come.

Don’t give others the ammo to tell your story for you!

It’s your story……. endure it so that you can share your triumph!