Life's FULL CIRCLE Moment!


If your from Baltimore then you know Frank Ski…

Along with Dj Scottie B, Shawn Ceasar, Ms. Tony, Dj Reggie Reg, and many others….. Frank is one of the reasons why Baltimore club exists.

He recorded popular tracks like: “Whores In This House”, “Doo Doo Brown”, and so many more!

Growing up in Baltimore, I remember mornings when my parents would have his show on while we were driving to school. I remember idolizing this man, especially when he decided to move into another market and DOMINATE as well.

So I guess you guys can imagine my excitement when I got a ‘direct message’ from Frank last week asking me to call his cell phone directly.


I literally almost hit the floor.

So I called him and he says:

Frank: Hey, Wanda’s on vacation so I want to bring you in as a co-host for the day next week.

Me: Okay, awesome! Just let me know what day and I’ll be there.

Frank: My producer Patricia will be in touch with you.

Did I mention that I almost hit the floor.

This can’t be happening! Frank Ski wants me…..

So I spoke to my boss as DASH Radio and he says:

Yea, I saw Frank at a fundraiser and I suggested that he pick you to co-host.

To have a boss that has enough confidence in himself and brand, and allow one of his employees to go to another station [mainstream platform] for the day is AMAZING to me.

So I go and co-host the show with Frank Ski + Ms. Sophia AND it was amazing!!!!!!!!

We had fun… we laughed…. we joked. It was sheer craziness!

As I left V-103, I began thinking to myself:

You never know how God will move in your life. So make sure to treat people with dignity and respect at all times. The world isn’t as big as we think it is.

No matter where life takes me, I’ll always remember this pivotal moment in 2018 when I was the guest host on “Frank And Wanda Morning Show”. This was God showing me that mainstream is ready for me!