2 Months Left & 2018 Has Taught Me.....


2018 has definitely flown by….. OH MY GAH.

There’s been so many things that’s happened in my life, so many lessons learned, etc…..

In 2018 God placed me in a lot of uncomfortable positions so that I can grow, and he also placed me in situations where I had no choice but to be humble and allow my faith to over power my fear.

The man upstairs really took me on a rollercoaster ride in 2018…..

Now, with only 2 months left I reflect on what life has taught me as I prepare for a prosperous 2019.

In 2018 I’ve Learned The Following Lessons….

  1. Never Get Comfortable.

    If you’re comfortable then you’re losing! In October of 2017 I went in to work for a meeting and my former boss told the entire staff that she decided to close down the radio station to focus on television. She had no care in the world about our future. In that moment I started pushing…. I put together events, covered red carpets, launched a blog site…. literally everything to keep me relevant within the music industry and to never allow anyone to see me sweating. I sat in Starbucks everyday from 7am until 3pm on days when there were no events… plotting, planning, preparing! This routine went on for 7 months [until May 2018] when my former program director invited to into another station to work. A position that I’m so grateful for, and will continue to put my best foot forward in all aspects.

  2. Be Grateful, Because Everything Can Be Gone In The Blink Of An Eye!

    Not to say that I’m un-grateful [because I realize how blessed I am] but sometimes we take the little things for granted and don’t realize it until they’re gone. Case in point: I was in a car accident this summer that could have stolen my life and the lives of two other drivers. However, my car was the only vehicle that was totaled. GONE. Can you imagine being in another city away from family? And, with no car…. yet you have to work everyday and attend events. I had no car for the entire summer! Uber/Lyft/Friends, etc……MONEY! God will take it away from you in order to humble your butt.

  3. No One Cares About Who You Are! It’s More Of What You Can Offer? Or How They Can Use You!

    Atlanta is an amazing place to live. I’ve grown tremendously in life and my career over the past year living here. But what I will say is that this city has brought out another side of me that I would have never tapped into if I’d stayed at home. Sort of a monster-like! I’ve been taken advantage of quite a few times sense moving here. People will want me apart of an event because their short or sponsorships and want me to donate, or no one else will cover, etc….. Then make you feel like shit while you’re there. It sucks but it’s taught me to treat certain people accordingly. Simple put: I GO TO WHAT I WANT! I go where i’m ‘celebrated’ and not ‘tolerated.’

  4. Pace Yourself And Wait On God’s Timing!

    You never know whose watching you and have been watching you! The very moment you decide to give up, may be the moment where things take a turn for the better in your life. I was so set on getting certain things done by a specific time and it wasn’t cleared with God first, so it was an automatic problem. God will sit you down and force you to wait and pace yourself just so that you can sustain what he’s building for you in the long run.

  5. It’s Okay To Take A Break And Enjoy Life!

    There’s so many entrepreneurs who are afraid to “break”. NOT ME! I traveled to Bermuda for my 30th birthday and it was the most liberating experience ever. No phones, just family and the ocean. I was able to clear my mind, rejuvenate, and just enjoy being normal for one week. So it’s okay to cut off and take a break, in fact, it’s necessary.