Know When To Delegate! [Editorial Manager NEEDED!]


Let’s start this post off by saying that GROWTH is not only inevitable, but it’s important!

I never thought that I’d say this, but I understand how writer Necole Kane felt when she decided to sell her popular blog site “”.

I’m a writer at heart! I love talking/writing all day about things that interest me. But what I’ve noticed during my 4 year journey is that, those topics that once sparked a response doesn’t have that same effect on me. And as a result, I can no longer write about it.

Still have no clue about what I’m talking about?

It’s okay! Not many know that my way into the entertainment industry was through a blog site [yes, the site is still active]. However, I have to force myself to produce content that talks about the daily lives of celebrities who could care less about me and my struggles. And yes, this passion use to have me up for hours at a time…. but as time went on, so did I.

Not to say that writing isn’t my passion anymore, but writing about entertainment sure as hell isn’t. And it’s also something I’ve fought myself with over the past few months, especially since everyone’s been in my ear saying NOT to let it go.

So I began to ponder:

Kierra are you making the right decision? If all goes south you need something to fall back on and your blog has always been there to fall back on!


Don’t force yourself to write about things that no longer interest you.

These are all things that I say to myself on a daily basis.

And I know what most of you guys are thinking?

Just hire a writer!

Easier said then done!

I’m a creative and I’m sensitive about my SHHHHHHH….

So anyone creating for me has to have a similar sound!

This entry is more of a call to action….

If you or someone you know has experience with content creation and would like to becoming the managing editor for an entertainment blog site, email me:

Please send writing samples and resume.

I love the site but I’d rather manage it from afar and have an editor take over the day to day tasks… one that’s passionate about it.