The Moment You Feel Like Giving Up......


As you guys can imagine, there has been several times during my 4 year journey in entertainment that I felt the urge to GIVE UP, but it seems like every-time that becomes an option God steps in and shows me why I need to ‘stay in the game.’

The very moment that you could be contemplating ‘throwing in the towel’, your breakthrough could be right around the corner!

Now I know what your probably thinking, “Well Kierra, things only look up for a minute until I get back into the place of wanting to give up.”

I get it! I really do.

But if it was easy then EVERYONE would have it! Success isn’t easy, especially entrepreneurial success. In fact, it’ll never be easy! Everyday there will be a new mountain to climb in order to unlock the next level of success!

The key is to take a moment every day…. ‘close your eyes and see the vision.’

Just a few moments……

I learned from Pastor Michael Todd [Recalculation Series] that there is a difference between sight and vision! Sight is everything that we see when our eyes are open, while vision is the very thing that we can see so clearly and detailed when our eyes are closed.

The vision is the one thing that we CAN’T turn off no matter how much we try, yet don’t know how to achieve it.

Sometimes my vision is so scary that I want to forget that I saw it because it’s intimidating!

But dare I say that God wouldn’t have given you the vision if he thought you couldn’t achieve it!

Most say, when you feel like giving up remember WHY you started, or remember who you’re doing it for…..

Well what if those things have changed [as they do over time]?

In that case just close your eyes, take a deep breathe and see the vision….. See the details…. and then pray that God walks with you throughout the process surrounding you with the right people and tools needed to achieve what you envision.

Just don’t give up!