God Can't Bless Who You PRETEND To Be!


I absolutely love Pastor Michael Todd and the Transformation Church! In fact, I love his message so much that I replay the sermons via Youtube over and over again [each time getting a newer understanding of the message]. But last week he started a series called, “The Pace Has Changed”, and he spoke about God recalculating/re-routing our journeys ‘in the middle’ according to where we are in life. And during those times, we have to be prepared/open for the ‘pace’ to change.

Not at your speed but God’s speed for your life.

[Click on the link to check out the video below, it’s definitely worth watching the entire sermon]


Since putting out the above video, there is a PART 2 which I strongly suggest viewing as well.

God can’t bless you if your being someone else. If your not being authentic!

The first part of ‘changing your pace’ is accepting where you truly are in life right now!

  • Are you financially struggling?

  • Do you need a man/woman to validate who you are?

  • Are there underlying insecurities that you struggle with on a daily basis?

One thing we have to learn is that ‘it’s OKAY to not be okay!’

God doesn’t care what stage of life your in because he’s the one with the power to get you where you need to be, but not if your living a lie.

After watching Michael Todd’s sermons I really began to re-evaluate life and what I’m working toward. And honestly, I’ve been living a lie! Living above my means……

Just because I’m in the entertainment industry doesn’t mean I’m balling out of control, and furthermore, doesn’t mean I’m making the money that I deserve. But based on my social you’d think the complete opposite.

Most will say,

Kierra your being too vulnerable!

No I’m being REAL.

I have more faith than fear that God will bless me in the middle of my mess, but I need him to know that I acknowledge the mess and I’m having a hard time getting out of it.

I’m not PRETENDING! God has the ability to take me where no man can! And I pray that when that times comes, I’m a good pace and will be able to sustain everything that comes along with the blessing.