Speaking Things Into Existence!


Dear Necole,

In 2014 I was at a very dark place within my life. I worked a regular 9-5 helping someone else to fulfill their dream while only walking away with a check that would leave me little after paying all of my bills.

It quickly became apparent to me that ‘enough was enough’, I was amongst the millions of people existing in a world where very few had the courage to LIVE.

So I started to think long and hard about the one thing [besides my child] that brings me the most joy, laughter, and peace…….


Before I could begin my work in the morning, I’d head over to your former entertainment site to get the latest celebrity gossip tea, while also admiring the fact that a African American woman [like myself] could create such an empire by just being open, honest, and consistent.

You were “it” for me!

Crazy thing is, I’d been watching your site long before 2014, however this was my year of “change”. My year of saying “YES” to myself in all aspects.

October 20, 2014, I did just that…. I launched my entertainment blog site kmwexclusive.com out of shear faith!

From this platform grew the branding opportunities, followed by radio and red carpets. It was the beginning of my longevity in this business…. my ANEW, and honestly it wouldn’t have been possible without you [and GOD of course].

Prior to visiting your site and following you on social media, I never believed I could!

I never saw anyone [looking like me] who wasn’t a journalist covering stories in the manner that you did!

After seeing you I knew it possible, and in your words:

It took hard-work, consistency, and INTEGRITY.

Fast forward to now, you’ve kept the vulnerability, rawness, and real through your new site xonecole.com and your social media platforms.

You continue to show millennial women around the world that the “impossible is possible”.

Thank you Necole.


A year ago, via Twitter…. I tagged Necole “thanking her” and praying for the day that I’d be able to do so in person!

I kept the faith knowing that the law of attraction is REAL and that I’d come face to face with her one day…. and that day was during Essence Music Festival 2018.

As I attended the private “POWER” brunch……in walks Necole Kane. The woman responsible for my being in this industry, the woman who I’ve admired for years!

What do I say?!

Well I remember walking up to her and saying:

Thank you! Because of you, I’m here.

And very graciously, she replied:

Aw….You’re welcome!

This very brief interaction was enough for me!

As an introvert in a extroverted industry…. this was all I needed.

Don’t be afraid to speak aloud your life and all of it’s details!

I firmly believe that if you truly can envision it, those desires will turn into reality.