Texting: Performed by ALL, mastered by NONE!

Texting and I have this love/hate relationship! I love the timely access it allows me to have, but I despise how this form of communication is often times taken out of context the most. 

Something as small as a "period" could signify ANGER, FRUSTRATION, etc.....

It's insane.

So I've complied a list of the TOP 5 "texting" rules to improve your 'text-etiquette'. 

No #1

If someone texts you, DO NOT call in response. Why? Because it’s annoying! Maybe you were texted because they were busy or simply didn’t want to talk on the phone. This is why you get ignored and then mad. “Well she just texted, but now can’t pick up the phone”...... Nobody told you to call.

No #2

Always Respond. No matter how time delayed the response is, always respond; Unless you don’t want to be bothered by them anymore. Even in that case, you should respond saying that! Yes we are all busy people but if you really care, a text takes less than a minute.

No #3

The Too Quick Rule

I have to stress this one, especially to millennial daters! No it’s not a competition or game..... But if it takes someone 2 days to respond to your text, it makes you seem really desperate to quickly respond once they FINALLY get around to you. Am I saying wait 2 days? No. But not the second they respond. It’s like you’ve been waiting on the text…. even though you probably were.

No #4

The Letter Rule

When you write a heartfelt message, or something sincere and a person responds with a letter like “k”….. oh it’s done! Or ok. Oh that means thats truly all they have to say about the matter. 

Hang it up!

It’s that simple.

No #5

And lastly, Don’t text in all caps. It makes it seem like you angry, especially if you’re trying to get a response from the person.