Is Chivalry Really Dead?

Someone recently asked me if I thought that all forms of 'chilvary' were dead, and the answer is:


[Side-note: I know that a lot of women will completely overlook my next statement]

Chivalry is NOT dead! However as women we’ve stopped expecting it.

We stopped expecting a guy to open the door, walk on the correct side of the pavement, push in our chairs, etc..... And because we stopped expecting it, they stopped doing it! 

My take of life is that you have to TEACH people how to treat you, otherwise they'll treat you how they see fit and you'll be displeased and often times disrespected. 

But I can almost guarantee that once you share with someone you're interested in, that you adore flowers, you appreciate when a man opens the door, you enjoy alone times, etc.... they'll begin to do it because they know it brings you happiness. 

This is the process of teaching someone how to treat you!

You must remember that not everyone was raised with the same morals and beliefs! Not every man had a father in the household as a role model to show him how to treat his queen, and that's okay. YOU show him! He'll eventually get the hang of it. 

When I had this conversation with a good friend he said, "I love showering my woman, but I'll stop if I see that she's not making any effort to make sure I'm happy as well."

And I'd rarely paid attention to 'chivalry' from a males perspective!

Women it's vital that you pay an equal amount of attention to your man, especially if he's always putting a smile on your face.

So NO, chivalry is not dead. It just needs to be activated!

Teach people how to treat you!