"The capacity to accept and tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset."

The gif above captures myself and 5 other amazing women within the entertainment industry!

On that very day, we were invited on the set of 'The Real' daytime talk show for what is known as "The Real Blogger Day"

This gif was captured by members of the daytime talk show exactly 2 years ago!

Whenever I'm asked about "my end goal" this is the only image that comes to mind. Why? Because the feeling that I felt when we walked on the set of this show was like no other. My heart fluttered, my mind temporarily out of order, my feet gliding across the floor..... Even if only for a moment, I knew where I belonged. I understood what I was working toward.

However, what I wasn't expecting was for this moment to shift my mindset in a harsh way.

Psychological tests prove that we're extremely hard on ourselves 40% of the time, so what if that number was raised to 60%

Now I know what most of you guys will say.....

"Kierra, it's not a bad thing to be hard on yourself. Sometimes the pressure is good."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I get it.

But not when it's causing you mental instability which eventually rolls over into BOTH your personal and professional lives. And especially not when you expect 'microwavable' success.

Initially, I thought hated the fact that other generations before us called millennials the "microwave" generation. But now I get it!

Prior to our generation there was no social media, no text messaging, not mumble rap. Instead, there was years of hard work, tenacity, dedication, and consistency; which led to a lifetime of appreciation. 

We can't appreciate something that was "given" to us, or happened so quick as a result of social media that we aren't prepared to maintain it. And after seeing this happen one too many times....

I Lost Patience!

I began to question God asking, how is it that I'm staying up half of the night working tirelessly to only make it this far? Why do people constantly treat me like an outsider? Why do I keep coming across the people who lack integrity? Why do I work so hard, but she pops on the scene and surpasses me? Why me God?

The questions went on and on and on......

Until I started facing tests in all areas of my life! Test that required me to pass this level before I could advance to the next.

Still don't understand what I'm talking about?!

I'd literally be stuck in traffic every single day, frustrated with my daughter for various reasons, lashing out at people around me for not getting it, unsuccessful in building relationships, etc..... 

God was testing my patience, and every time he'd do it.... I FAILED.

But in order to make it to what I know is my "end goal", I need to have LOTS of the thing that I lack.... PATIENCE. 

And the same goes for you!

If you're like me and seem very impatient about life on a daily basis, I'm here to tell you that what you "lack" is what's crippling you from going to the next level in life

Life's two most precious lessons always involve "timing" and "patience." 


Kierra M