"Oh Darling, Go Buy A Personality!"


It took me forever to understand why I didn’t fit in!

I’ve never been cliquey, and I couldn’t fit into prominent social circles where I thought I belonged.

At times I used to question God! I would say:

Lord, I have such a loving heart and wonderful personality. Why can’t people see it? Why don’t I fit in?

But I’ve figured it out!

I figured out that “basic” women rarely make history.

I’ve never been one to ‘follow waves’ or ‘go with the flow’ in hopes of gaining recognition or popularity. Instead, I’ve always been the woman who was never afraid to “build her own table” when she wasn’t allowed to sit at one.

And up until this point, I viewed the construction as a negative.

Why me? What have I done wrong? Is there something wrong with me?

I didn’t truly appreciate the essence of me, and for a second, I began to get wrapped up in societies “fake” reality.

I went from not giving a damn, to wanting to beat the “fake people” at their own games!

Soon that, “I’ll treat them accordingly” attitude arose within me.

For months I’d only speak to those who spoke to me, I’d only show support to those who supported me, I’d only lend a helping hand to those who had done so for me; until I realized that by doing these things…. I WASN’T BEING ME.

My true character and personality had no correlation with this person I was becoming. The me that would lend a helping hand regardless. The me that would support everyone regardless of their previous support of me. The me who would thrive off of speaking and smiling [regardless of my mood] because I felt that someone needed it.

ATLANTA was bringing out a different side of me that wasn’t the real ME.

Millennial entrepreneurs ask me all the time:

Kierra, how are you able to thrive in a new market? A market where its mainly about ‘who you know’ and ‘where you have access to?’

And I always respond the same way:

I don’t depend on people to open any doors for me, because I know and understand that God opens all doors that NO MAN has the power to shut. And I thrive in a market by simply being me! That’s how I stand out. There’s no secret remedy. I enjoy being me! Now sometimes it’s too much for people. Other times people are skeptical and don’t know how to take me. I’ve even been called an “opportunist” behind my back because I know what I want and I go after it at all costs. But if I allow what people say to affect my grind, passion, and end goal…. I’ll never make it. And those same people with so much to say, will be the ones calling/emailing/texting non-stop when you’ve made it to a position that’s beneficial to them.

So while their busy “conforming” and “selling their souls” for popularity, JUST BE YOU! I promise it’s so much easier.