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More often than not, we tend to hold onto things that prevent us from reaching newer levels in life. Why? Because we feel stuck, comfortable, co-dependent, and fearful of what lies ahead. But life has taught me that if you find the faith to get REAL with yourself and let things go, God will cover it. The wound will be painful but necessary for what’s next! It’s a process that starts with simply ‘looking in the mirror’ and admitting that you are not who you have been pretending to be! The fraud is why you lost deals, relationships, and YOU!


host + speaker

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.” A true vibe is exactly what you’ll get with Kierra M as your ‘mistress of ceremonies’ and/or speaker! Click below for previous hosting experience and speaking topics!

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getting real is scary, but necessary! are you ready?

My next book will be called, “When A Control Freak Loses Control!” It’s true, life happened and things were no longer in my hands! I went crazy! But out of the madness came several revelations about myself that i’d been avoiding! Getting real involves lots of tears….but it’s worth it. Are you ready?

radio host + the “femprint”

Join Kierra M [Mon-Thurs] on Southside DASH Radio as she hosts “The Day Party” from 11-2pm [et] with a listenership of 8 million people worldwide; chatting with some of your favorite a-list celebs and social/spiritual influencers!

Looking for content curated by women, for WOMEN…. look no further as Kierra launches “The Femprint” Production Co. in 2020!

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What makes me qualified?

Life qualified me! I thought I had everything figured out… Not realizing that my ability to move on so quickly in both business/personal wasn’t as much of a blessing as I’d assumed. It was a deadly coping mechanism that almost caused me to mentally go insane! It was time to get real, REAL quick.


god won’t bless who you pretend to be. when we pretend, we try to impress people and live for our image, that puts pressure on us. take off the mask. you can be real.

—Pastor Joel Osteen

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On The Other Side Of Fear There Is……

A whole new world! One that involves elevation, determination, self acceptance, truth, and a breathe of fresh air. Let me help you at the foundational level!