Why The "Who Can Care-Less" Competition Is Bull-shit!

Let's just start off by saying that,

Dating As A Single Millennial Is Screwed Up!

Seriously speaking, I've heard [and been apart of] some of the most screwed up situations while dating as a single millennial! Not even factoring in the geographical areas. 

Since beginning this journey 4 years ago, one thing has been insanely consistent is that, "for some odd reason single millennial women feel like if they don't settle, they'll end up lonely forever." Hence why they're so many confused/unhealthy situationships filled with lies, unrealistic expectations, and games.

Yes, whether you want to hear it or not we've ALL been apart of the bull-shit games!

Games like:

  • If I play hard to get, he'll want to chase me more

  • I have to wait at least 20 minutes before responding to his text so I won't seem desperate

  • He has to take me on an "x" amount of dates before we kiss

  • And my favorite [off all the crap] Never seem too engaged! 

I could literally go on for days at the amount of [quite frankly, fuckery] that occurs when dating a single millennial!

We go through extreme lengths to make it seem like we're not interested when we really are!

We believe that if we show our emotions the other party may get alarmed and run for the hills. Why? Because insanely, emotions are now considered a sign of weakness, and who wants to be considered weak? [even if our future happiness is on the line.....]

What a crack of BULL!

Let's just have a moment of transparency and say.....

  • If you just be yourself the attraction/connection will be present and I guarantee you he'll chase!

  • If you respond to his text immediately, he'll know that you're indeed interested and he won't be confused about where you stand. [Communication is key!]

  • Whoever made up the rule that you can't kiss on the first date should be slapped. Everything is not a test! Go with the flow of the moment... you think to damn much!

  • Engagement shows him that the future is bright! Don't be surprised if you keep acting disengaged and he connects to someone else. Now what, Sherlock?!

For real!

We need to start shifting our mindset in dating back to:


Maybe the divorce rate will lower and they'll be way more happier homes.

I'm just saying.....


-Kierra M.