Why Always Thinking That There Is Someone Better Is A 'Paralyzed Thought'

To be paralyzed is to be "incapacitated" and/or "powerless"......

So as you can probably imagine, when I spoke about this same thought in front of a room full of people it was NOT received well.

Some men shouted, 

Never settle! You should always strive for more.

While very few women added,

This makes no sense! With growth and maturity comes newer goals and visions.

While I agree with those thoughts about 30%, the other 70% of me is pretty STRONG in what I know!

The notion for what I know is quite simple......

If you go into any situation [whether dating and/or relationship] second guessing how things will work out; or not really into it..... then what do you think will happen? It's going to crash and burn!

You guys have no idea how many times I hear someone say, 'he's cute and that's cool, but this other guy is cuter and has a good job.'

So why not just go and date the other 'cute' guy with the better job if that's the case? Why get into a 'sit-uationship' with this guy knowing that your not really interested, and ultimately NOT giving him a fair enough shot.

But what I've come to realize is that most people can't help but to always strive for more! It's second nature, which in turn is paralyzing their thought process and their ability to make the right decision to solely live in the moment.


And what needs to happens is a bit of serious "R-N-R" with the brain. You must literally began to re-train your mentality!

Will it happen over-night? 


Will it be easy?


But will it be worth it?


How do you know that the "cute" guy with the mediocre job isn't Mr. Right? And you'll never know as long as you possess a paralyzed thought and not give him a fair chance.